2022 Neighbor Helping Neighbor Angel Tree Update

This year Sugar Creek provided 9 families (a total of 30 children ranging in ages 4 months to 16 years and 9 parents) with a better Christmas holiday because of your generosity. This was an increase of two additional families from last year. Family names were provided by the Ball Chatham Homeless Liaison staff. One of the families is living in a “homeless” situation. Another mom has undergone treatments for stage IV colon cancer and hopes to now be in remission, while two of the families have taken in additional kids they are raising and caring for besides their own. One “parent” is actually a sister in
her 20’s caring for her younger sibling.

Thank you for your donations of money, gifts, and gift cards. Families also received a substantial grocery food delivery from Aldi’s that included a ham and hamburger, vegetables, fruits, breads, milk, along with other foods and paper products. Eight members from the church were the family coordinators who delivered the unwrapped gifts and food to each of the parents. Wrapping paper and tape was provided so that the moms could see what their children were receiving and be able to wrap the presents. Each family received a letter from Sugar Creek, wishing them a blessed and safe holiday with an invitation to attend a church service.

Feedback from those that did the deliveries:

  • My mom was very, very grateful. She repeated several times how helpful it is and doing good for the community. Pat Freeman
  • Our delivery to the mom was very well received. She had her 10-month-old baby with her and met us at the church. She appreciated the gifts and She was especially grateful for the groceries. Carol Swettman & Pat Lucas
  • Our second delivery went to a mom and her daughter. We also met her at the church. She did not have a car and needed to get a ride. She kept saying thank you over and over again. She asked about the church which she was invited to attend. She said she loves to sing. It was so nice to see her smiles of happiness. Carol Swettman & Pat Lucas
  • Our mom has four children ages 4 to 12 years. She said this has been a very hard this year. She moved from Texas a year ago with her brother and now does not have any family close by. She was worried what she was going to do for Christmas and was so grateful for the gifts and surprised for the groceries. Pat & Mike Lucas
  • Our gal was a very sweet lady and has such a bright light about her. I can’t help but think what a better place this world would be with more like her. She was excited to receive everything and shared that although she is working is yet to get paid. Apparently, manager did not complete on boarding paperwork. She mentioned how excited her boys were over the banana! She wished us all a Merry Christmas. Jim & Gail Austin
  • Our mom was a lovely gal and very, very neat and clean. I backed right up to her door and she came out and carried everything bag by bag. She had a sick child inside. Many thank you’s came from her. She was surprised to get a bag for herself. I didn’t tell her there was a gift card inside. Barb Germann
  • My mom was very thankful. She was especially pleased to get the groceries ahead of the storm. Sarah Frazee
  • The delivery was made to my family and the mom was so happy having the groceries brought to her home. I’m lucky to have seen her happiness. Robyn McDonald
  • My mom was so appreciative! She was overwhelmed that we were bringing food as well. I have to take the food this afternoon as the mom had to go to work and I am dropping the food with the daughter. She was excited that I would get to meet her daughter who thinks they are only getting a food delivery. The mom said that we just don’t know what this means for them. Shelly Lewis

Sugar Creek has again been very generous with supporting the Neighbor Helping Neighbor ministry for another year. We have helped to bring hope and joy into the 2023 New Year! Thank you again for your loving support!