Spreading Awareness to Further the Development of Better Human Relations

Human Relations Day is a denomination wide Special Sunday designed to celebrate and raise awareness to further the development of better human relations by involving congregations in community and youth outreach. A special offering taken the Sunday before Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. Gifts received for the offering build King’s vision of “the beloved community” through programs such as Community Developers and United Methodist Voluntary Services and Youth Offender Rehabilitation Programs. Churches are encouraged to donate through their local churches or give online.

Fifty-seven percent of the funds received support community developer programs that strive to build, maintain, promote and strengthen racial-ethnic minority congregations through local UMC congregations. Community developers engage depending on a community’s needs.

Thirty-three percent of the funds received support The United Methodist Voluntary Services (UMVS) that serves as a resource to congregations, volunteer-based groups, and programs that challenge unjust political, social, and economic systems which threaten the livelihoods of people.

Ten percent of the funds received support rehabilitation programs. These programs work to strengthen youth empowerment programs that provide positive avenues for youth participation in their communities through the churches, mentoring programs, and boys/girls clubs.

For more than half a century, United Methodists have observed this churchwide special Sunday in recognition of the message Jesus demonstrated during his life: all of God’s children are important.

One of the wonderful aspects of The United Methodist Church is that we can do so much more together than we ever could do on our own. Our gifts are part of building “the beloved community.”

Did You Know?

  • 57% of giving on Human Relations Day supports Community Developer Programs?
  • Your gifts on Human Relations Day help train over 125,000 volunteers?
  • Your gifts on Human Relations Day help at-risk youth and youth offenders?
  • 33% of giving on Human Relations Day supports the United Methodist Voluntary Services program?