Youth Sunday Study

Starting in January 2023, Pastor Paul will lead a Youth Sunday Study titled Wesley: Teaching Big Faith for Everyday Life. The study uses four steps that inspire students to learn more about God and their faith, and to connect those findings to everyday life.

Step 1: Connecting with God’s Word – gives students opportunity and time to share about themselves and their lives while building relationships with one another.

Step 2: Studying God’s Word – engages students in a fruitful discussion about the Bible and who God is, using the Bible and Blueprint (a Christian magazine for teens) as resources.

Step 3: Interacting with God’s Word – allows students to practice, review, and explore the Bible lesson, helping them to understand and incorporate God’s Word into their day-to-day lives.

Step 4: Applying God’s Word – helps students apply the lesson in their everyday lives, enabling them to choose the best way to live out their faith in their daily experiences.

Besides the weekly Bible lessons, the Blueprint magazine includes Daily Faith Devos (short for devotions) for each day of the week, from Monday through Saturday, that include a scripture verse(s) to read, a thought to consider, and an activity to perform.

Both Junior and Senior High youth are invited to participate in the Youth Sunday Study that will meet Sundays at 10:15AM in the youth room (except for the third Sunday of each month when the youth will be providing hospitality for the fellowship time between worship services).