Albright Leading a Spiritual Journey Through Lent

This small group will meet in-person at 6:30 PM in the north wing conference room of Adventure Highway. Make sure to come early at 6:00 PM for the Dessert First Wednesday fellowship.

Explore the main texts in all four Gospels and in Paul’s writings that deal specifically with the last week of Jesus’ life and with the resurrection.

Every one of the four Gospel writers has a reason for writing. Each wants his audience to come to see who Jesus Christ is and what God is doing in and through him.

For this study, Paul is also crucial. He is the first of the New Testament writers to mention the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. All of his work predates any of the four Gospels. Paul is the only writer that we know for certain was a witness of the resurrected Christ so he has a special place in the discussion of Holy Week and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We invite you to listen and respond to five stories of the One Story, over five sessions. Join us on this spiritual journey through Holy Week.