Dynamite Prayer

This daily prayer guide will show you, and all of us together, how to begin a practice of breakthrough prayer, tapping into God’s unlimited power, opening new doors or possibilities, and transforming your life and world.

Dynamite Prayer is a daily prayer guide that will show you how to begin a practice of “breakthrough prayer,” a way of praying where we ask God to open new doors and reveal new possibilities, fueled by the Spirit’s power.

This 28-day adventure will take you from feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and uninspired to curious and expectant as you surrender your own preferences and ideas, and courageously follow the miracles God brings into your life.

Each day contains:

  • A brief meditation on a verse from Scripture that will help you see how the Spirit’s dynamic power has been at work throughout history and in your life today
  • Reflection questions for the day
  • A short breakthrough prayer for the day
  • A prayer word or phrase to help you make breakthrough prayer part of each moment