Following Jesus in the Wild

What is the meaning within the remarkable scene in Luke 4:1–14 of Jesus being challenged by the devil in the “wild”—the untamed and unruly wilderness? And what are the surprising implications of this event for followers of Jesus today?

In Jesus in the Wild you’ll take a forty-day journey into the heart of one of the most unusual, and often most misunderstood, stories in the Gospel accounts. In this encounter, following his baptism in the Jordan and before the inauguration of his ministry, Jesus is alone with the adversary—the one whose works he had come to destroy (1 John 3:8). He faces three tests, or “temptations”—all aimed at unseating him from his identity, his belovedness, and his purpose as the Son of God.

Understanding how Jesus faced down the accuser in the wild, you and I will be equipped to address every demonic challenge that comes our way in the wild places in our own lives.

The Wednesday hybrid 9:00am small group meets in-person and via Zoom, or you may attend the in-person small group during Dessert First Wednesdays.