Keep Our Micro Pantry Stocked

Our Micro Pantry has been heavily used, and we are in need of your continued support to keep it going. Here are 4 ways which you can help to keep our Micro Pantry stocked:

  1. Bring non-perishable food or hygiene items to Sugar Creek. Look for the Micro Pantry cart and sign in the foyer.
  2. Place your food or hygiene items directly in the Micro Pantry located in front of the Chatham Area Library (600 E. Spruce) .
  3. Select an envelope from the “Adopt a Case” bulletin board. You can either put your envelope in the metal basket, or include it with the Sunday offering.
  4. Write a check or give online at

Thank you for all the generous donations we’ve already received. The need is great. Let’s keep this going!