Not a Fan – New Small Group

After years of serving God, pastor and bestselling author Kyle Idleman had a startling revelation: for too long, he had been living as a fan of Jesus; someone who tried to make Christianity seem as appealing, comfortable, and convenient as he possibly could to others. Idleman decided something had to change—he needed to embark on the journey of becoming a completely committed follower of God, not just a fan.

Fans want to be close enough to Jesus to get all the benefits, but not so close that it requires sacrifice, while followers are all in and completely committed to Christ. Not a Fan gives you the tools you need to determine exactly where you stand when it comes to your relationship with Jesus.

No matter where you are in your walk with Christ, Not a Fan calls you to consider the demands and rewards of being a true disciple. With frankness and a touch of humor, Not a Fan invites you to:

  • Examine your relationship with God
  • Determine if you’re following Jesus or just following the rules
  • Pray the way Jesus prayed
  • Start truly living for the one who gave his all for you

    This small group led by Pastor Paul will meet in the library across from the fellowship hall at 6:30 PM as part of Dessert First Wednesdays. Books available on the table outside the church office.