The Generosity Challenge

Sugar Creek’s Annual Stewardship Program – The Generosity Challenge: 28 Days of Gratitude, Prayer, and Faith.

“‘You were born to be generous; you were created in the image of God.’ These abiding truths are made abundantly clear as readers navigate through The Generosity Challenge, written by church stewardship experts and generosity gurus Scott McKenzie and Kristine Miller. Through this interactive workbook, participants spend four weeks with Scott and Kristine, navigating the concepts of being Grounded in Gratitude, Revealed Through Prayer, and Sealed by Faith. This “GPS” leads even the biggest skeptics home to be the generous persons God created them to be.

“Following each chapter are seven days of challenges with space for writing and notes. Paired with The Generosity Challenge DVD, [and A Generous Life: 28 Days of Devotion book], these components make for an enriching [personal] and group study. In just 28 days, you will hear these words in your head: ‘You have arrived at your destination.’”