Adopt-a-Case mission enters summer months

Sugar Creek’s ongoing community mission micro pantry at the Chatham Library serves local food insecure residents who depend on the pantry which is filled three times a week. Each time members of the missions team fills the pantry, it is nearly empty.

To assist the team in filling the pantry, The Missions team began the food drive named ADOPT A CASE to assist in collecting food for the Micro Pantry. And Sugar Creek answered, it has been a great success!

Don’t forget to stop by the Missions bulletin board in the fellowship hallway to select an envelope from the board. The envelopes have the item, case quantity, and price listed. You just need to select the item case envelope, enclose the money inside, and place the envelope in the basket below the bulletin board. This way, your donation goes farther allowing the team to purchase in bulk when there is need.

Thank you for supporting this vital ministry.