Care Giving Team Collecting Used Shoes

The Care Giving Team will be conducting a “Sneaker Recycling” program for the months of Feb/March. As you are cleaning your closets, etc. do not throw those old sneakers you no longer wear in the trash. Instead, bring them to the church and we will recycle them with gotsneakers, a sneaker recycling organization.

Sneakers that are in good shape will be given to those in need. The church will receive money for any usable sneakers. This money will go towards our “Neighbor Helping Neighbor” ministry. Sneakers that are heavily damaged and cannot be reused, will be recycled and kept out of the landfills.

They DO NOT accept non-athletic footwear of any kind including but not limited to: dress shoes, heels, sandals, wedges, water socks, rain boots, crocs, and other non-athletic styles. If you have non-athletic footwear that you would like to recycle, we recommend finding a local charity, homeless shelter, or other organization that will accept non-athletic footwear.


  • More than 300 million pairs of shoes & sneakers end up in landfills every year
  • New shoes produce approximately 30 pounds of CO2 during manufacturing
  • Circular business models could enable the fashion industry to cut approximately 315 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions in 2030

So, bring your sneakers and drop them off at the church. Look for the drop off location in the church foyer.