Mens and Ladies Group hosts David Draeger

The Sugar Creek Mens and Ladies group will host UM missionary Davids Draeger at their monthly meeting at the Chatham Café on Monday June 10, 2024.

David Draeger, long-time missionary to Haiti, has been staying and serving at Midwest Mission unable to return home to Haiti because of the ongoing violence occurring throughout the country.

Midwest Mission hosted the Dorcely family during the summer of 2022. Mode Dorcely (wife of the Bishop in Haiti) and their three girls spent the summer serving and spending time with the Midwest Mission family. Now David, who works closely with Bishop Dorcely, is doing the same thing, but for unforeseen reasons.

Back in February, David traveled to the States on furlough to spend time with his family and to visit his supporting churches. But shortly after he left, violence in Haiti led to widespread chaos. Now there are no flights available for him to return home.

Draeger wrote soon after, “The violence and chaos continue to escalate. Murder rape, extortion, and kidnappings are a continuing threat. Travel by road is almost impossible with many roadblocks in all directions. Food and fuel supplies are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. Many of the NGOs (Non-governmental organization whose purpose is to address social issues) such as Food for the Poor are not able to obtain sufficient food for their requested distributions. If they do obtain food supplies, distribution to the people in need is very difficult.

“The same is true for Eglise Methodiste. We are still able to make deliveries to a limited number of locations, but it is dangerous and sometimes we must pay a bribe to the bandits at the roadblocks.

“The gangs are indiscriminate in their attacks. They have now been attacking police stations, schools, clinics, and hospitals. The gangs have even destroyed the facility that bottles oxygen for the hospitals. As a result, many NGOs including Doctors Without Borders, are shutting their operations down and leaving the country.”

Over 3,000 people have been killed in gang related activity since the beginning of the year and the numbers are growing every day. Over 300,000 people have been displaced by gang activity and are now living in temporary camps or have returned to their rural roots. To put that into perspective, the earthquake in 2010 killed about 300,000. The UN estimates that 5 million people, over 40% of the population, is suffering from starvation. The UN estimates that over 8,000 infants and young children will die from hunger by year’s end.