Sugar Creek Enters Contract for New Solar Power System

As of February 25 the Trustees of Sugar Creek UMC have entered into a solar power program with Route 66 Solar, a Springfield based company for over twelve years. They reached out to two other solar companies for bids. One company was from Springfield, Missouri, and other from Sioux City, Iowa. The cross section, price and benefits varied between the three companies.

After researching and reading over contracts they decided to go with Route 66 Solar. Here’s why: Moderately priced, locally owned, best quality investors with a twenty-five year guarantee on parts, as well as, twenty-five year warranty of labor. The system we are purchasing is 5% more than what we will actually need to provide power to the building. The system will be ground mounted with 120 panels.

The cost for the system is $128,700, which will cover everything to have the system up and running by April 24. We will also be receiving an IRS tax credit, a State tax credit, and a power company credit for going solar, which we will receive over the next three or three and a half years. After deducting all of the credits Sugar Creek will actually be paying $48,000 for the system. We will see the reduction in our electrical bill starting in April.

How can you get involved? Easy! We are starting a church-wide drive to start raising $48,000 to pay for the solar system. Look for more information coming very soon!

God gives us sun. We should make the most use out of it!