Why we exist

Sugar Creek shares our Joy in Jesus Christ by reaching out to show God's Love

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to church, have been a Christian for many years, or are looking for a fresh start, you are welcome at Sugar Creek. It is our hope that you will find Sugar Creek as a loving and safe place to immerse yourself fully in the love Jesus Christ has to offer, to build meaningful and lasting relationships, and grow in your service and witness toward others.



Know God

Weekend Services

God wants to know us personally. More than just a passing glance, God wishes to build a relationship with us. Our Sunday services focus on that relationship. No matter if you’re a new follower of Christ, have questions, or are seasoned in the faith, Sugar Creek offers a safe place to learn from each other what it means to be the hands and feet of Christ in this world. 

Growing in Faith

Small Groups

God knew from the beginning that by ourselves, we are incomplete. That humans crave the company of others to navigate our lives. Connecting with others in Sugar Creek’s Small Groups is a practical and enjoyable way to find that kind of life-changing community. 


becoming a Christian

God has a plan for each of our lives, and it begins within each of us. Sugar Creek offers several ways to begin or recommit your life for Christ despite where you are on your life journey. From infant baptism (the adoption into the Christian life), to confirmation as a youth (affirming one’s place in the family of God), or joining the church in full membership as an adult (committing one’s active participation in a local congregation). 

Change the World

Service & Witness

God’s plan for us in Matthew 28 is to go out into all the world, to persons of all nations making disciples for Jesus Christ and showing them the love that God offers. The Bible tells us when we commit our lives to the service of others, we will experience an undefinable and unmatchable sense of elation, purpose, and joy. Sugar Creek is here to connect every person to an opportunity to live out their calling by using their gifts, talents, and skills to serve others in the church, the community, and around the world.


Directing Pastor • Rev. Paul D. Dinges

  • The focus of worship is striving for excellence and providing opportunities for personal encounters with Jesus Christ.
  • Personal faith is nurtured through Bible study, prayer, devotions, and other spiritual disciplines.
  • Small group experiences are crucial to the spiritual growth and maturity of Christ’s disciples.
  • Forming covenant relationships with other Christians is important in providing encouragement, accountability and support in our spiritual faith journeys.
  • Priority is given to church ministries that equip and enable members to be effective disciples.
  • Opportunities are provided for sharing personal faith stories.
  • Individual evangelism is encouraged and emphasized as an important way of making disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • Resources and training tools are offered and used for discipleship learning and growing opportunities.
  • Church focus is on teams and ministries rather than committees and programs.
  • There is a greater emphasis placed on outreach into the community and the world, which are the church’s mission fields.
  • Elimination of all physical, social, economic, racial and gender barriers to the church is a priority.
  • The church is called to be sensitive to and meet the needs of the least and lost, as well as the seekers, unchurched and de-churched members of the surrounding communities.
  • All members are encouraged to discover and use their God-given spiritual gifts to glorify God and build up others.
  • Discerning the work, will and call of God in the hearts and lives of individual church members is primary.
  • The effectiveness of the church is determined by the diversity and participation of its members, each with their own unique gifts, abilities, personalities and passions.
  • The pastor and laity share ministry roles to fulfill the calling and mission of The United Methodist Church: “To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”
  • The role of the pastor as leader is to develop, nurture and equip other leaders in the church for ministries and missions.
  • Leadership training and resources are offered to develop church members into effective leaders.
  • Excellence and faithfulness in church missions, ministries and administration is achieved through effective leadership.
  • Healthy spiritual leadership generates positive church growth (in numbers and spirit) and effectiveness.