Altar’d: Making Space to Surrender

The Pretend Problems

As a true disciple of Christ, we should not be pretenders like those of the world in which we live. Rather, we ought to follow Jesus’ teaching of being authentic disciples who know how to deny themselves and take up their cross.

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Recipe for Divinity

The recipe for divinity (getting closer to God) includes ample quantities of the flour of agape love, a cup or two of the milk of human kindness, and just the right amount of the seasonings of mercy, forgiveness, gentleness, generosity, and peacefulness.

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Lesson on Love, Just a thought

n his first letter, John doesn’t simply say that “God loves,” which would mean that God expresses love along with several other different emotions: Anger, pride, jealousy, joy, and so on. No. John says, “God is love,” which means that love is at the very center or heart of who God is.

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