Faith Essentials

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Jesus in the Wild: The Power of ‘It is Witten’

Spiritual Mountain-Climbing

Here on the threshold of Lent, we need to consider ways to encounter the living God (experience spiritual mountaintops) through various (mountain-climbing) practices we can adopt as part of our Lenten discipline.

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A Path to Reconciliation

There is no easy path to mastering everything Jesus asks of us. But we move closer to accomplishing what Jesus asks of us when we admit our mistakes and failures and take steps toward confession and reconciliation.

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To Be the Light

As followers of Jesus, who described himself as the Light of the World, we are called to be the light of the world, shining brightly for Jesus.

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Dangerous Baptism

The story of Jesus’ baptism is a glorious act that sets the tone for our own baptism as we better understand the significance of what we see and experience as a “dangerous baptism.”

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